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Heaven Cemetery  Network Co. Ltd.  is the International Group of Hong Kong and Zhuhai Paradise Network Technology Co. Ltd. ,  and was founded in November 2009 with independent intellectual property rights for online worship service platform (the National Copyright Administration of computer software copyright registration number 2010SR040272).
Heaven Cemetery, in addition to the user network, provides comprehensive, professional, personalized, high simulation, interactive online worship services. It also provides a powerful platform for building the clan ancestral hall, obituary publishing platform, management system for launching online genealogy compilation, as well as “The Will Hall,” which is a private online will service, with privacy boxes, to meet the diverse needs of users.

Paradise Cemetery Online provides users with the most comprehensive and professional online memorial services, including;
1) A powerful full-featured online memorial service, with a rich variety of flowers, offerings, incense, etc. We can also provide songs, incense, candles, burning paper, the altar, flowers, libations, and message.
2) A variety of styles in tombs. While providing the most unique tomb of customized network design, users can produce their own unique style of tomb that they like.
3) A variety of distinctive, personalized memorial patterned plates in remembrance of the deceased. Memorial hall can preserve the deceased’s writing material, and also save audio-visual data of the deceased and preserve the remarks made by relatives and friends during the memorial service.
4) Strong management capabilities allowing you to modify information, such as biography, photos, messages and so on as needed.
5) A fully personalized service, making it possible to upload your own backgrounds, music, offerings, customized tomb, etc., for maximum flexibility.
6) A heaven and paradise community portal that provides users with a platform for communication and a wealth of cultural information.

Paradise Corporate Strategy
Committed to the integration of a funeral industry value chain, focusing on the online funeral, burial, and tomb offerings combined into one network, online platform, with offline services to go hand in hand with the core service. Our strategy is to have an innovative funeral service that builds a global brand, improves the comprehensive competitiveness of Paradise Group, and fights for the interests of employees and shareholders to maximize firm value maximization, and ultimate market goals.

Paradise Our Mission
Create a global network of funeral service providers.
① Network buried: We initiate the concept of a green funeral and burial, mourning the dead through the network , so that the spirit of the deceased is carried forward by their descendants, to the next generations.
② Global: Our vision is to let the whole world discover that the dead belong in heaven, so that every soul lives forever!
③ Service: Our product is service, the customer is the emperor,. [I don’t understand this part] the emperor saying, eunuchs Paoduan Tui. We will do our best to provide customers with attentive service, and customer satisfaction.
④Business: We will be base in China, reaching the whole world, within three to five years time, making the heaven public cemetery the biggest global online to burial service provider, the heaven’s blessing supplier, funeral and burial training business, and internet funeral chain franchise.

Paradise Group Management Team
Paradise Group will follow the talent to create valuable ideas, advocated by the global financial intelligence, and promote the development of heaven, actively creating a large Sea Paradise Centre Stage environment, paying attention to the talented person echelon. Paradise Group now has a professional, efficient, hard working, and innovative management team. Management team members are in the funeral business, funeral and related areas of culture, and have many years of industry experience, a depth of understanding of the industry, and a keen market sense for innovative forward thinking.

Paradise Group Culture
Customer focused, regarding the customer as emperor. Market-oriented, having integrity and being pragmatic, proactive, innovative, showing mutual respect, good governance and recognition on the basis of efficient teamwork as it is known that when a man and woman live and work hard together, they make children; when staff and bosses work hard together they make wealth.  Encouraging all of the staff to become outstanding persons, the company year after year can reach a new level of development.

Paradise Group of Claims
Working closely and hard (Baotuan in Chinese)  conquers the world, giving more more jobs to people and creating hundreds of thousands of wealthy business opportnitiess, helping people realize their personal value, as well as enterprise value and showing them how to maximize their social value.



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